Data Warehouse Concepts

Obiee 11g components

Administration tool

a) Physical Layer
b) BMM layer
c) Creating Presentation Layer

Testing RPD

a) Checking repository for consistency:
b) Loading repository
c) Log level
d) Adding Multiple Sources


a) Creating calculation based on logical columns
b) Creating calculation based on physical columns
c) Calculation by using calculation wizard
d) Creating Dimensional Hierarchies
e) Level Based Measures (LBM)


a) Creating Web Catalog and Reports
b) Working with Analysis
c) Working with Filters
d) Advanced Features of Analysis

Building Views

a) Dashboards
b) Dashboard prompts
c) Dashboard objects
d) Oracle BI Delivers

Specialist level

a) Aggregate Tables
b) Partitions and Fragments
c) Value based partitioning
d) Modeling Fact Based Partition


a) Repository variables:
b) Session variables:
c) Presentation Variable
d) Request Variable
e) Modeling Time Series Data

Configuring Man y to Many Relationships

a) Modeling a Bridge Table
b) Modeling a Helper Table
c) Setting Implicit Fact Column


a) Authentication
b) Authorization

Cache Management

a) Usage Tracking
b) Multi User Development Environment
c) Opaque View / Select Table
d) Alias

OBIEE 11g Advanced New Features

a) Parent Child Hierarchies
b) Unbalanced Hierarchies (Ragged and Skipped)
c) Actions Links
d) Reusability Action Links
e) Master Detail Report
f) Develop a Report Using Hierarchy Object
g) Condition



KPI (Ke y Performance Indicator)

a) KPI Watch List
b) Score Card
c) Confidential
d) ID Column