Learn Business Intelligence in an Improved Way

Learn Business Intelligence in an Improved Way

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition or OBIEE provides a set of Business Intelligence (BI) tools, comprising the business intelligence of previous Siebel Systems and Hyperion Solutions. The main competitors of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition are IBM Cognos, Microsoft BI and SAS Institute Inc.

OBIEE and Essbase together offer a complete, architecturally combined and open business intelligence system. For any big organization it delivers the capability for ad hoc queries and analysis, reporting, dashboards, scorecards and online analytical processing (OLAP).

Our OBIEE online training will give you in-depth knowledge on Business intelligence and it will also describe what Business Intelligence maturity model is.

Business Intelligence Maturity Model:

The term ‘Business Intelligence’ is all about taking, accessing, understanding, analyzing and transforming one of the basic and most valuable assets of the enterprise, presented by the raw data, into active info in order to enhance the business.

Business Intelligence Maturity models are used to describe and evaluate the growth life cycles. The fundamental concept of all models is built on the fact that, things change over the time. The most of these variations can be predicted and controlled. Models for diverse domains evolve gradually, that the same models are changed and enhanced over time.Maturity models are derived from the Capability Maturity Model or CMM, which is developed for the software development procedure, based on the Maturity Thesis.

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